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System requirements:

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Windows 7


The extension configuration page is available at 'Tools\Options...' dialog, at 'Environment\Taskbar Buttons' tree node.


Available Buttons List
Contains buttons that were created by the user, but not included in the taskbar.
Press 'Right' keyboard button to move the selected item to the Taskbar Buttons List.

Taskbar Buttons List
Contains buttons available at VS taskbar icon.
Press 'Left' keyboard button to move the selected item to the Available Buttons List.
Press 'Up'\'Down' keyboard button to reorder items.

Button Properties
The Windows 7 taskbar is limited to 7 buttons. Use 'Hide when disabled' checkbox to free up some space.
Menu item path contains the path (menu names, separated by '\' and without '&' symbols) to a VS command that will be attached to the button. The button will update itself according to the VS command state (icon, tooltip, visibility and etc).
Click Add to create a new taskbar button.
Click Update to update the selected taskbar button.

Not all VS commands are visible in all contexts. To get the path to invisible menu item or command right-click on VS main menu or toolbar, click 'Customize...'. You can discover all available VS commands and their paths in 'Commands' tab. The plugin supports not only menu bar items, but also toolbars and context menus.


Some VS commands do not have an icon to fix that use CommandingImage extension. You can download and install it in VS Extensions Manager.

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